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330-The Thirtieth

Can you imagine a country which is led by a king or leader who is humble and deeply concerned over his or her failures?”

In today’s podcast and post we return to our ongoing series “Psalms Greatest Hits” with a look at the thirtieth psalm. This psalm was prepared for a large public and even political display and we find no trace of blame, media spin, propaganda, or damage control. Instead, we find a leader who longed for all his people to experience and access the same spiritual awakening as him. Join me now as we examine a short psalm with some powerful and lasting verses, which are needed now more than ever.

285-The Eighteenth

“Have you ever felt like those who are supposed to be leading you are not qualified or worthy to do so?

I know in our political environment that is a loaded question with an obvious answer. In today’s podcast and post we continue our ongoing series of Psalms greatest hits as we shrink down this very real, and very common point of existential pain as we look closer at what it means to trust that which is beyond ourselves.

Join me now as we look at the Eighteenth Psalm and discover that the heart of true leadership is trusting and waiting for opportunity to serve, not complaining, back biting, and hating what has already been established.