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393- Fifty First

“Does God get tired of us constantly failing to live from a pure heart?

Let’s face it, every single person, no matter how spiritual they believe themselves to be, is continually sinning. Sure, our sins morph over time to things that are more acceptable, but the heart within us is as the old hymn says: “Prone to wander.”

Today we circle back to our ongoing series of Psalms Greatest Hits with a visit to one of David’s lowest and darkest periods of life. Join me now as we see beyond everything and follow in his footsteps toward our spiritual restoration from our greatest sins.

367- One Hundred Seventeenth

“Do you know what lies behind the shortest chapter in the Bible?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our series of Psalms Greatest Hits with a look at the 117th Psalm. Not only is this the shortest chapter in the scripture, but it’s placed in the exact center of the whole thing.

Join me now as we read between the lines of a song which has been sung since the 3rd Century BCE, as it invites us to See Beyond Everything.

330-The Thirtieth

Can you imagine a country which is led by a king or leader who is humble and deeply concerned over his or her failures?”

In today’s podcast and post we return to our ongoing series “Psalms Greatest Hits” with a look at the thirtieth psalm. This psalm was prepared for a large public and even political display and we find no trace of blame, media spin, propaganda, or damage control. Instead, we find a leader who longed for all his people to experience and access the same spiritual awakening as him. Join me now as we examine a short psalm with some powerful and lasting verses, which are needed now more than ever.

203- The Thirteenth

“How many of your prayers have gone unanswered?

Let’s face, nothing causes more unbelief than someone who “tries” prayer in hopes of changing their reality only to have their hopes dashed to pieces. How many of us have prayed; “How long Oh Lord? Will you forsake me forever?” Sometimes it feels this way, but today’s Psalm takes points to a dramatic change in heart and a restoration of ones’ faith. Is there something just beyond our doubts that replaces reality as it is for us with reality as it is?

Join me now as we continue in the third installment of the Pslams greatest hits where we visit the thirteenth Psalm. These feeligns of “being forgotten”can grow our soul and enables us to peek within the deepest part of our being as we learn to see beyond everything.