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249-One World 6-Buddhism as the Monitored Life

“How well do you know Buddhism?”

The Buddhism we bump into in the West is not the austere, contemplative wisdom that emerged from Siddhartha in the East. Modern western Buddhism has been pillaged by postmodernism in much the same way as all systems of faith. In today’s podcast and post I will show that reducing enlightenment to a meme, and cherry picking a few ideas with essentially an atheistic, amoral existence, is not subscribing to Buddhism.

Join me now as we see why this system of faith has been preferentially highjacked by the West, and what it really means to pursue an enlightened life.

75- The Ruin of Postmodernism.


Millennials get an unfair rap as if they are the only ones with a postmodern worldview. In this podcast and post I explain why some so-called post-moderns are actually people bouncing around between lower stages of consciousness. True postmodernism is the integration of multiple stages of consciousness and while it does reflect an evolution of our thinking, it isn’t perfect. For this reason, many in traditional, scientific, and militaristic levels really push back against postmodernism as if it is a regression rather than a progression in consciousness. Today we learn why the ruin of postmodernism is not its eradication but ironically, its inclusion of the contributions of other stages of consciousness.  Why does such an inclusive group struggle so much with including certain ideas?