The Jelly Fish Bias

The Jelly Fish Bias/ The Drifter

Definition: The Jelly Fish bias is like the barnacle bias in that it too is sustained by FLOW but the Jelly Fish bias differs in that it remains unattached to frameworks. Jelly Fish are unaffiliated. They think they are free but are unable to see that their freedom is greatly limited.

General Framework: The experience of the Jelly Fish Bias is that of drifting because they lack power or control over their direction. The needs of the Jelly Fish are met by collision or by random luck or benevolence. The Jelly Fish bias is predominantly a black and white thinker. Although they will occasionally see the nuances of grey, their bias is to resolve the tension of the middle by going back to the binary framework. The Jelly Fish bias mostly lives life in a defensive posture, floating by hoping good things will come and allow for survival, if for no other reason than they lack offensive power or skill. The Jelly Fish bias is often simple, under-hoping, and rarely possessing a strategy or the means to execute on it.

Relationship to FLOW: The Jelly Fish bias relates to FLOW exclusively by drifting. This bias has no real sense of purpose beyond survival. The Jelly Fish bias will float along in life waiting for things to distract them and enter their space. At which point they will sting or latch onto any object and determine if it can be consumed. The Jelly Fish Bias is constantly on the move. Jelly Fish see FLOW as the unknown forces that constantly moves everything around.

Worldview: The Jelly Fish bias views reality as a constant change of scenery. Sometimes good things come, sometimes bad things come. Jelly Fish are free floating and have learned to live in uncertainty. Their primary focus is on what comes next. The predominant focus is survival because they see themselves as powerless victims that are tossed and affected by waves, currents and forces beyond them. They also have an external locus of control.

High/Low: At low levels Jelly Fish lack consciousness of their surroundings and are helpless benefactors/victims of all that comes. They become pessimistic about what comes next and can sabotage future opportunities. At higher levels Jelly Fish become conscious of what they want, and may even be optimistic about the future, but still lack the skill or will to possess it.

Relationships: The Jelly Fish bias can drift solo or in large groups so long as everyone is affected by the same forces. They are not able to pivot, change direction, follow or join with others. Thus they do not have deep relationships with anyone not living along side of them. Relationships for the Jelly Fish bias tend not to be too deep and lasting.

Transformation: Transformation for the Jelly Fish bias requires a thorough reworking of a Jelly Fish's world view or they will not be able to gain personal power and control. Going inward and deeper has never been required for survival and has not been valued. They tend to see the success of others as lucky and not the result of transformation or personal effort. The forces that cause the drift must ultimately place the Jelly Fish in a dire or painful place if they are to explore other ways to live. The process of integrating ones personal power will take time as it has not been a part of their framework. Furthermore, taking responsibility for success and failure will not come easy. Sometimes change means things get much worse for a while before they get better.

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