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"What is truth?" 

That's the ultimate question. It's the question Pilate asked Jesus. Philosophers have wrestled with this question for centuries. Today, in our modern world, truth appears conflated, muddled and relative. Truth is so damning to every institutional power, that each institution invests heavily in their own propaganda to promote their unique truth narrative. This leads to a polemic existence, strife, stagnation and tremendous loss of liberty.

In this book, I unpack just how amazing Truth (capital T) is and how often we come into contact with it and how this contact transforms each of us from the inside out.

That contact allows us to see and experience something so vast, so deep, so powerful, but we are unfortunately oblivious to it as we skim through life in our dis-integrated nap.

The loss of Truth means the inability to actually know ourselves. Skimming over Truth is what it means to be delusional. Knowing and living our true self and our best life is all the buzz yet it's not so easy as it seems. Most of us have no clue as to who we truly are, and therefore most of us live a fictional existence masquerading around with a fake ID. This is what Kierkegaard described as living in despair, refusing to be ones self. 

This book is a portal through which we can learn to See Beyond Everything.

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