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419-One Hundred Nineteen-Beth

“What exactly is the Word of God?” Preachers tell us it’s a really old book, but how could it have been such a book, to the authors who wrote about it?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series “Psalms Greatest Hits” with a look at “Beth”, which is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet and also the title of the next eight verses of Psalm 119.

Join me now as we slow down, and learn that the Word of God is not a cosmic rule book, but the gift of seeing which must be perceived and practiced within each moment, if it is to be applied for our freedom.

406-One Hundred Nineteenth – Aleph

“What is your immediate, gut reaction if I say I’m going to talk about the commandments of God? Do you feel a sense of inner resistance?

In today’s podcast and post we interrupt our other series to return to our ongoing series entitled “Psalms Greatest Hits” with a look at Psalm 119. Not only is this the longest Psalm but nearly every verse of it talks about the commandments of God.

Join me now as we look at the first eight verses of a chapter that evokes within us either profound indifference or inexplicable love.