The Way of Flow

VIDEO: The Way of Flow

Most people think FLOW is a heightened state of mental focus. That is only partially true. FLOW is so much more than that. Did you know that we don't move in or out of FLOW? Nope. Everyone is affected by FLOW but in varying ways. Did you know that we each have a bias toward how we interact with FLOW? It's true. I've created a quiz called the FLOW Bias Indicator. You can take it now for FREE and discover if your bias is a Barnacle, Jelly Fish, Fish or Dolphin.

Take this simple 15 question quiz right now and learn what your FLOW bias is. The results may surprise you.

Take the quiz NOW by clicking the RED button below.

IMPORTANT: After taking the quiz, COPY and PASTE the link at the bottom of your results into a search bar for a FULL-Description of your Flow Bias.