29- The Descent, Part 5


In this final episode I examine that little voice of “push back” that emerges when we start talking about spiritual things. I show you that it’s not uncommon, and despite what the religious world might say, it doesn’t mean you don’t believe. Push back is an inner experience of faith, and I show you how that is so. I also help you to see why the deep life is so vital, so lasting, and the ultimate focus of everything you think you want.

28 -The Descent: Part 4



What is spirituality? Is it just a bunch of weird fables and feel good stories that lack any real tangible benefit? Is it a life of rituals and strange tribal language or a small group that asks invasive questions?  In this episode, I describe the spiritual life as the deep life. I also show you exactly how the deep life is absolutely real and much larger than any empirically measurable container. I share what gets us there and what doesn’t along with what we can expect upon arrival at this deep, beautiful, powerful world.

27- The Descent, Part 3


Many people think our world is very shallow. While that may be the case, it may surprise you to learn that people don’t really want to be shallow. In this podcast I begin to show you how to go deeper by exploring the smallest things. In the end, these tiny things are the event horizon for the biggest thing in the universe.

26- The Descent, Part 2



In this second installment of our examination of the Descent, I help define this reality by examining its opposite: the Ascent. This is not about picking one or the other since both are vital to life. However, we are taught from a young age that ascending is the path to a better life; work harder, more output, more effort, more knowledge, more stuff, and so it goes. After years of ascending, modern people are asking if there is anything more. They wonder where to find something meaningful, lasting and beautiful. This realization is our first entrance into the counterintuitive downward path.

25 – The Descent, Part 1


When it comes to the deeper aspects of life and ultimate reality, people are not shallow or stupid. We are simply oblivious to what is behind, and in and through all things. In this post and podcast, I begin a new series that will help us understand why we need to be intentional about going deeper into our lives. Most of our lives are spent clinging and ascending in order to possess the things we think we want. This series will prove that in order to obtain what we really want, the path is always a descent.