190- Way Beyond Anger

“How much of your life is spent feeling angry? Do you struggle with anger?”

In today’s podcast and post I continue our study of the sermon on the mount and examine an area that imprisons countless people. Some people live in so much anger that they don’t know how to live without it, nor want to.

Join me now as we see beyond anger and learn why it is a prison for so many people. We’ll learn why Jesus’ antidote to anger is NOT to run to God, and why most of us will prefer the living hell of anger instead of healing and liberation.

189- Freedom from Fundamentalism

“Do you see yourself as a fundamentalist?”

I’m willing to bet that you answered “No!” We often think fundamentalism is solely the jurisdiction of religion. While religious fundamentalism abounds in the headlines, we must look closer and see how fundamentalism oppresses everyone in every walk of life.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is a message to people who were oppressed and thought the world was too far gone and needed some other kind of external intervention. Join me now as we see beyond our own inner fundy and explore an unconventional and unpopular way of liberating us all from the tyranny of fundamentalism. 

188- The World is the Margarita; You are the Salt

“What does it mean to be Salt and Light?

If you are like most people, you are probably disregarding this post as “Stuff you already know.” Yes this is perhaps the most familiar sermon subject in the world, but given that “everybody knows this”, why do you suppose there has been so little transformation around it? Why is there so much confusion on what it actually means?

Join me now as we continue our examination of the Sermon on the Mount and we learn to see beyond the Salt and Light and look closer at the intended audience. This fundamental shift requires a wider more inclusive interpretation which allows us to see beyond everything.

187- Power will NOT like this

“Are you free enough to speak truth to power?”

That’s a loaded question. Most people, if they are honest, will have to admit they are not. We are free enough to “like” a meme posted on social media. We are free enough voice our opinion when it’s safe to do so, but we are not free to “rock the boat” within our places of employment, our family dynamics, our social structures, our religious frameworks, or our government.

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our look at the sermon on the mount and we examine the punchline statement of the whole thing. Join me now as we see beyond what we thought was persecution, and into the disappointing reality that exposes our lives being lived in captivity.