91- The Wealth of the Rich


Wealth and poverty are not about money. Those who make this assumption, almost always run into problems. In this podcast and post I will show how wealth is decision making skill and the most wealthy person in any environment is the one with the most decision making skill. Sacred texts have a name for this decision making skill and it’s called wisdom. Tune in to learn how wisdom is not the accumulation of knowledge but the skill to use the knowledge we possess. Furthermore, I provide the single greatest solution to eradicate economic suffering that our world has ever seen. Our engagement in this solution is not optional, and our suffering correlates directly to our disengagement.


90-The Poverty of the Poor


How do you define poverty? What is the cause of poverty? In this podcast and post I will prove that poverty is not what we commonly assume. Most of what we call poverty is actually the by-product of poverty. Is there something wrong with affluence? Do we live in a zero-sum world where the stingy are accumulating at the expense of others? The definition I bring challenges these assumptions and the solution I offer is not what you may think.

64- Elections, Erections and Reflections


Every win/lose paradigm ends the same way; smug winners and angry losers. Seeing the world through a binary lens is at the heart of what it means to be poor and the result is the suffering we see in every corner of the globe. In this post and podcast I provide an example of how two completely opposite truth claims can be resolved into something bigger than either claim. This has always been the path forward as this is the path to wisdom. Somewhere we bought into this idea that if one thing is right then the opposite must be wrong and we began erecting monuments and systems that support our team. The end result was the dehumanization of the other side or what I call poverty.