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“Are people really stupid? Or is there more to the story?

In today’s podcast, post and video I share a few metaphors which I hope will illuminate a new perspective on reality. The way we each frame reality is often too small, to rigid, and reveals that we have no real understanding.

Join me now as we see beyond all that we have not understood, and discover why this opens up a new way to live within a far bigger reality.

342- Half Picture- START

Photo by Elina Araja

“What makes some moments truly special?

Why do people love the outdoors and being out in nature? When a baby is born or when a death occurs, what is it about these moments that causes us to regain our perspective in life?

In today’s podcast and post we will endeavor to gaze beyond the surface level and see beyond everything as we look into these existential moments and discover that these are ground zero for the most amazing Event Horizon of our lives.