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400-Podcaster Realizes 400th Episode Not a Big Deal

“Is it a big deal that this podcast has reached its 400th episode?

In today’s podcast and post, I reflect on why I spent the last few weeks s in a funk and a quandary about this 400thpodcast. Thanks to the help of my audience and virtual community, I’m back to share with whoever may come, what makes this work so special.

Join me now as I riff about why this podcast remains unpopular and is only a big deal to a subset of our world.

200th Episode!!

Four years in the making and now this Podcast has reached its 200th episode. In this special edition podcast I talk a little about what makes this podcast unique and why it has gradually gained a steady audience. I’ll read some notes and letters from the audience along with sharing some reflections on the common themes that are discussed. Thank you to all of you who have made this podcast part of your regular feed.