The Power of Parenting

We have all seen and must deal with the results of bad parenting. Low conscious people produces children with low consciousness. When the institution of the family fails to raise a productive, responsible and self-reliant person, the rest of society has to absorb this failure to launch. Parenting is not just a personal feeling about how to react to the next thing a child needs. Parenting is a social responsibility and the means by which the world has the potential to change for the good.

This series plumbs the considerations behind unconventional parenting. It bubbles to the surface the deeper realities of how to raise an authentic, thriving life. Psychology and science have not led the world with parenting strategies that have transformed our world, in fact, it seems things are more dis-integrated than ever. Perhaps we need a different perspective.

This series is not a new perspective, but a return to a way of parenting that became lost or distorted through religion and modernity. Put on your floaties, this is a challenging ride.