370-Parenting Teens 3- The Search for Self

“Are the teenage years necessarily a time of rebellion? Or, are these common behaviors indicative of a blind spot on the part of parents?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting adolescents with a look at our teen’s search for self.  We’ll learn why when young people try on new identities, or act out, it isn’t just “being a teen,” but symptomatic of a fundamental problem.

Join me now as we see beyond teenage surface level behaviors and expose what is really behind “those teen years” and how wisdom offers a healing alternative.

2 thoughts on “370-Parenting Teens 3- The Search for Self

  1. mike

    Great message of hope for us and how to help our children grow up knowing there identity doesn’t lie in the world. We always tell our kids God created you the way you are, and gave you an identity. It’s fun to watch your kids grow and gravitate toward things while we help them navigate the waters of childhood and teen years. There is a path God has for them and it’s up to us as parents to make sure they know that and discover their true identity in the Lord. Thanks for your great messages and teaching. Keep on, keeping on!

  2. KevenWinder Post author

    Thank you Mike for your comment. It’s so true that we can help them find that path and we also intrinsically know when they seem to be off of it. If we they find themselves in God, everything else in parenting flows effortlessly. If we miss that, it seems like everything is a never ending struggle. Peace to you and your family.

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