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372-Parenting Teens 5-Sex and Dating

“Are teens just going to go out and have sex no matter what we tell them?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens, with a look at dating and sex.  In a world that is so saturated with sexuality, most parents’ thing their job is to stave off as much content as they can, but that only contributes to the problem.

Join me now as I share how wisdom can train our teens to have a high view of sex and I offer an alternative strategy for dating, which will establish our teens on a path of finding and honoring true love and commitment.

371-Parenting Teens 4-Care and Feeding

“Why do teenagers eat so much junk food? Is it just the way it is? Or is there something more beyond it?

In today’s podcast and post we will consider the parent’s role in training our teens about life and health. I’ll reveal how following the common path of the world creates people who are given over to their appetites, with the result being a lifestyle of sickness and medical interventions.

Join me now as we examine the underlying philosophies and spiritual assumptions which show up on our dinner plates, and how to lead our teens to health, freedom, and the path to life.

370-Parenting Teens 3- The Search for Self

“Are the teenage years necessarily a time of rebellion? Or, are these common behaviors indicative of a blind spot on the part of parents?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting adolescents with a look at our teen’s search for self.  We’ll learn why when young people try on new identities, or act out, it isn’t just “being a teen,” but symptomatic of a fundamental problem.

Join me now as we see beyond teenage surface level behaviors and expose what is really behind “those teen years” and how wisdom offers a healing alternative.

369-Parenting Teens 2- Worldview and Struggle

“Is it possible that truly understanding one’s worldview can be the single biggest indicator of whether a teen will succeed in life?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens with a look at something about which most parents don’t really consider…their worldview. I

Join me now as we show why the wrong worldview creates the wrong self and is behind every struggle that exists in our teenager’s life, and why it’s vital for parents to give young people a world that actually makes sense.