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413-Marriage Tune Up 1- The Living Divorce

“If you were to grade your marriage, would you give it a ten out of ten? If not, what are your assumptions about why it’s not better than it is?

In today’s podcast and post we start our New Year with a new series that will transform our marriages. Whether you are considering marriage, new to marriage, or have been married a long time, this series is one you’ll want to share with others.

Join me now as we explore whether we are experiencing a marriage or if we are a living a divorce.

194- The Divorce we Don’t See

Do you think you understand divorce? If you’re like most people, you probably see it as the very end of a marriage.

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our journey into the sermon on the mount as we reveal the wisdom behind Jesus’ teaching on divorce. We discover that what most of us think is a marriage is actually a legally binding divorce.

Join me now as we see beyond marriage as a powerplay and go deep enough to heal the wounds that keep us entombed in relationships of obligation, anger, or pain, as we discover the true meaning of love and divorce.