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280-Part 2-The Birth of Sin

“How do you define sin? Where did sin come from?

These are not questions exclusively for the religious minded person. In fact, all of us already possess an answer. We’ve all constructed a theological framework to address the problem of sin and evil. In today’s podcast and post, I will introduce a definition of sin which may require a theological makeover.

Join me now as we see beyond our bad deeds where I offer a glimpse of a design so beautiful that it’s almost too good to be true.

173- Shadow: Interplay with Light


“Are you aware of your shadow self? Do you understand your dark side?”

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our study of Galatians and explore how internal freedom is entangled with the captivity of our flesh. In other words there is a constant dance between shadow and light, flesh and spirit.

Join me now as we learn about our dark side, and free ourselves from the old binary framework of good versus evil. We’ll explore the only possible reason our shadow can exist in the first place and why that allows us to see beyond everything.