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395-2-The Darkness of God

“Why has no religion nor spiritual pursuit in the history of humanity ever successfully eradicated humanity from our dark side?”

Think about it. How successful has your own spiritual process been? In today’s podcast and post we continue our series entitled “A Course in Darkness” with an examination of God’s darkness.

Join me now as we see beyond our flimsy theologies, our tribal notions, and failed prayers, to gain a transformative perspective of the Darkness of God.

287-Launch Your Life 2- What do I do with my Life

“How do you know if you have found your purpose in life?”

Today we continue part two of our “Launch your Life” series with a closer look at discovering our purpose in life. The world’s conventional wisdom always points us to look toward our career, family, or religion in order to find our purpose. While these can be institutions from which our purpose can arise, today I will challenge the assumption that these are the same thing.

Join me now as we explore the sure-fire, but counter-intuitive, way of discovering our life’s purpose, and why chasing a purpose ultimately leads us to despair.