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415-Marriage Tune Up 3- The Good Marriage

“Do you know the difference between a good marriage and a great marriage? Does excitement in relationships fade over time?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series entitled “Marriage Tune Up” with a look at so called good marriages. I’ll challenge the world’s understanding of love along with psychology’s strategy for healthy relationships.

Join me now as we see beyond everything and discover the most unconventional, risky strategy that will turn a good marriage into a great one.

160-Love Poet


“If the Song of Solomon was the only sacred text, what would religion look like?

Love is not just a sentiment tossed around on Valentine cards. It’s not just the start of a relationship. Love is the greatest power in the universe and its gravitational pull is always towards the unity of all things.

In today’s episode I show how this amazing love poem is a microcosm, can help us see a much bigger work in the macrocosm. Join me now as we see beyond human love and sexuality into an amazing illustration of the love of God.

159- Sex Poet


“Does talking about sexuality make you uncomfortable?”

Human sexuality has tremendous power. So often we see this power in its corrupted form and it causes countless problems in our world.  In today’s podcast we will explore the two biggest contaminators of our sexuality (fundamentalism and secularism) and compare them to some very explicit sexual poetry.

Join me now as we see beyond our sexuality and capture a glimpse of a gift that is largely left unopened.