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436-Rome 15: The Real Hotel California

“If one of your deeply hidden sinful secrets were to be made known to everyone at church, or work, or on your social media, would you face condemnation and judgment, or compassion and understanding? I think we all know the answer to this…

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Romans with a look at chapter 7. Is Paul making excuses for his behavior? Is he saying: “The Devil made me do it.”?

Join me now as Paul’s Gospel reveals that freedom from sin is neither the stopping of our sin, nor the tolerance of sin, but the loving distinction between sin and the sinner, which is supposed to free the world from condemning one another

418-Marriage Tune Up 6- Divorce

“The modern culture has a divorce rate approaching 50%, but did you know that of all the religions, Christians have the lowest divorce rates with protestants at 18%? 

In today’s podcast and post we finish our series entitled a Marriage tune up with a look at our options for divorce. I’ll discuss the four main options and why the Bible provides an exit and doesn’t consign people to bad marriages.

Join me now as we see beyond both cultural and religious positions and discover why the high view of love frees us into our marriages and sometime out of them.

417- Marriage Tune-Up 5: The Sex Talk

“Do you think the world’s current understanding of sex is helping us or hurting us? Has religion been any better for us?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our Marriage Tune up with a discussion on sex and I offer ten perspectives that will reframe how we understand it from within the law of love.

Join me now as we see beyond our confusion about sex, and I offer the single greatest path to sexual freedom and expression that eludes nearly all of us.

416-Marriage Tune Up 4: Healing Relationship Cancers

“If I offered a counterintuitive solution to solve every problem in your marriage, would you begin applying it today? When you hear what it is, you may change your mind.

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our series entitled “Marriage Tune Up” with a metaphor of cancer in our bodies, and how such a small change can completely take us over. 

Join me now as we see beyond our world’s elaborate solutions to our big problems, and consider the how true love transforms marital strife.

335-Famous Last Words 10-No Greater Love Than This

“What is the greatest gesture of love? Is it an expensive gift? Is it a kind word? According to Jesus, it is laying your life down for your friends.

In today’s podcast and post we continue in our series of Jesus’ Famous Last Words as we look at the love which is needed to pay the ultimate price. Our world is full of people who will lay their lives down in the name of duty, or for a cause.

Join me now as we explore what is behind the kind of love that values others so much that one is willing to die for them.

266- The Prophetic side of Love

“Where are the modern-day prophets? Why don’t religious, political, or institutional leaders have the vision and voice to bring the world toward healing?”

In today’s podcast and post, we consider the words of Zephaniah from the inside out. Forget all your religious frameworks, theologies and dogma’s, they can’t help us here. Lay aside your hope in political reform, it’s impotent here.

Join me now, if you can, as we see beyond our surface level existence and begin experiencing the underbelly of Love where prophetic vision allows us to see ultimate reality through the many distractions of life.

242- We are ALL being Played

“What do you think is happening in our world?”

If you think we are watching our communities react to the pain of social injustice, look closer. Both sides are being played like a well-tuned instrument. The pressure to pit us against one another has never been stronger, but if you think the reason is political, your still not seeing it.

In today’s podcast and post I will unveil the pernicious assault on the human soul and the only way to stop it. Join me now for a podcast that none of us will like as we see beyond our pain and anger into the power behind the whole mess.

229- 5 Ways to Avoid Squandering this Pandemic

“If you could turn this pandemic into something positive, would you?”

Better yet, would you even know how? As the world soberly looks at the math behind this Global Pandemic, the entire planet is moving toward a complete shut-down of life as we know it. In today’s podcast and post I will offer 5 considerations that have the potential of infusing the world with a good infection.

Join me now as we all collectively navigate our quarantines and  social distances, as I invite us all to turn our homes lives into a sacred time of reflection which has the power to transform our lives and re-create the world.

224-Healing our Relationships

“Are relationships really that complicated and hard to fix? Maybe not!”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on healing as we take a deeper look at what it takes to heal relationships. It turns out that healing our relationships isn’t so hard so long as both parties adopt this one strategy. If either party lacks this vital awareness, then relationships always struggle.

Join me now as we learn to see beyond our frustrated relationships into the single biggest reason why they all break down and take a closer look at why we don’t really want to fix them.

223- The Fifteenth

“According to religion, who gets access to God?”

This is an interesting question which exposes our preconceived ideas about proximity, worthiness, and morality. In today’s podcast and post we continue or ongoing series of the Psalm’s Greatest Hits as we consider the Fifteenth Psalm.

Join me now as we take some cleansing breaths and reflect upon the words of David and how they trigger us. We will look between the lines of the pages and see beyond everything into the motivation of love and how it changes all things.