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363-Treasure and Merchant

“Is Heaven objectively real? Or is it subjective? Why is the heaven depicted in our religions and our movies so different than what the parables teach?

Today we continue our series on Seeing Beyond the Parables with a look at the treasure and the merchant. We’ll explore why these parables are saying so much more than heaven is important.

Join me now as we extract this teaching from 2000 years of church history and stumble upon a freedom which produces such an advantage here and now, that we no longer have to concern ourselves with the end of life.

202-Accumulating Stuff or Treasure

“What if you could have a piece of wisdom that could fix nearly every problem in your life? Would you want it?

This might sound incredible, but many of us reject this vital key to life because we prioritize the wrong things. In today’s podcast we continue our look at the Sermon on the Mount and we review a principle that is easies to see through the lens of money.

Join me now as we see beyond our debt and finances into the principle that if followed, can transform not only our lives, but the world around.

73- The Ruin of Tradition


Tradition is a container. It’s the necessary structure that is constructed in order to allow the most number of people access to the containers contents or treasure. In this post and podcast I explain how the traditional level of consciousness entered conventional wisdom and provides people with meaning and purpose. While tradition brings good things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely good. While it brings bad things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely bad.  As consciousness raises, we can see in this phase the transition out of a binary system as we learn that it’s not as simple as choosing between the contents or the container. If we want the treasure, we have to buy the field (container), but a field with no treasure is expensive dirt.