65- Food Network and Porn


What makes a sin sinful? Is it societal law? Is it religious law? Or is it something else? In this post and podcast I compare the biological impulses of sex and food to show just how biased and inconsistent religion has been with regard to the sins of sexual immorality and gluttony.  If you were taught like me that sin is that bad thing we do, then get ready for a real ride as I pose questions for which most pastors will not approve. What we will learn is a game changer in how we live our life and how we view morality.


64- Elections, Erections and Reflections


Every win/lose paradigm ends the same way; smug winners and angry losers. Seeing the world through a binary lens is at the heart of what it means to be poor and the result is the suffering we see in every corner of the globe. In this post and podcast I provide an example of how two completely opposite truth claims can be resolved into something bigger than either claim. This has always been the path forward as this is the path to wisdom. Somewhere we bought into this idea that if one thing is right then the opposite must be wrong and we began erecting monuments and systems that support our team. The end result was the dehumanization of the other side or what I call poverty.



63-Politics and Seeing


Wherever there are two or more people, we have politics. Politics is a by product of every organization, group, club, tribe or gathering. As organizations grow, something happens which causes the organization to gain power over larger numbers of people. In this post and podcast I reveal how every organization gains power and why so many people feel powerless in the process. The good news is that we are not without recourse, we can regain all that has been lost, and turn everything around. The question is whether we are willing to accept that the problem is not “those people”, but ourself.