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256-The Hostile Mind

“Do you have a hostile mind or is it only “those people” who do?

In today’s podcast and post we take a look at the fastest growing religion in the world: Politics. We’ll explore why it has generated so much power, and ignites such hatred and division among us. Is there any hope for our world?

Join me now as we see beyond the quagmire of the political binary and explore how it’s possible for this dividing line of hostility to be eradicated, and how the world can be set free from its bondage to a hostile mind and healed through the power of love.

196- The Impulse to Retaliate

“What do you think about retaliation? Is there a time and place to get even?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount and explore the impulse to retaliate. The ethos to retaliate is a vestigial residue from our pre-rational consciousness, it’s a low-level impulse upon which we have built the world. What would happen if we just let go of retaliation in favor of something more?

Join me now and we see beyond the impulse to retaliate and look closer at a far more powerful alternative.  

63-Politics and Seeing


Wherever there are two or more people, we have politics. Politics is a by product of every organization, group, club, tribe or gathering. As organizations grow, something happens which causes the organization to gain power over larger numbers of people. In this post and podcast I reveal how every organization gains power and why so many people feel powerless in the process. The good news is that we are not without recourse, we can regain all that has been lost, and turn everything around. The question is whether we are willing to accept that the problem is not “those people”, but ourself.