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88- Justice: It’s NOT what you think.


Based on all the feedback and questions I decided to add one more addition to this series. It will be extremely difficult to expand or alter one’s view of Heaven and Hell unless we get to the bottom of JUSTICE. In this post and podcast, I will prove that justice is not based in retribution as we are all taught, but in restoration. The overarching goal of God is not to get even with us, but to make everyone of us whole. For those who can’t get over injustice, I share a story that destroys retribution and I offer a link with 132 verses from scripture just to prove how predominant this alternative sense of justice really is.

87- The Afterlife


What happens when we die? This question has ignited both science and religion. In this post and podcast I will take the best of science, sacred text, and human experience and list eleven key considerations that will widen our understanding. Of course no one knows for sure what is on the other side, but we are left with amazing clues. After assembling the pieces that I have, my best advice is to not make the afterlife your goal. Instead, find humility so you can access the afterlife now. Then, very little will change upon our death.

85-Lake of Fire


Is the Lake of Fire a future destination for all evil people to be tormented forever? Is it possible that the Lake of Fire is a metaphor used to illuminate a reality bigger than it’s imagery? In this podcast and post I will weave together a number of vital components in scripture to show that the Lake of Fire is the place for all pseudonyms and is the crucible through which our true self emerges.

58-Is God mad at you? Part 5


Today this conclusion examines the parable of the wedding feast. This story alone could garner an entire series, but the focus today is the mirror message to the earlier parable of the workers in the vineyard. In this post I will show how anger and retribution are too small to be the operating framework of God. Anger exists, but it is reserved for that which is false, or in God’s view, “non-existent.” Love is the only power strong enough to displace our deeply entrenched affair with externals and self promotion. If we welcome generosity, we enter the state of heaven. We enter a kingdom where the present rules of getting even no longer apply.