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410-9-The Church of Children

“What does it mean to become like a child?” 

In today’s podcast and post we consider Jesus’ blueprint for His Church with the prerequisite that we become like a child. So how did religion become dogmatic about what is required to go to heaven, without really understanding Jesus’ teaching?

Join me now as we see beyond “childlike faith” and consider a text that if understood, would never have allowed religion’s version of heaven to exist

409-8-Relearning the Temple Tax

“What does the ‘temple tax’ have to do with being an outsider to religion?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our exploration for Jesus’ blueprint for his Church, when he visits his own home town and is faced with the temple tax. You’ll learn precisely why Jesus is considered an outsider or a foreigner to his own religion.

Join me now as we see beyond institutional power plays and learn why the community Jesus is building could never have become an institutional religion.

408-7-The Church of Little Faith

“Do you believe “faith healers” are for real, or have most of them been proven to be a big scam?”

Today we continue our series deconstructing church history with a look at one of the biggest promises in the bible; that with just a little faith we could literally move mountains. What does it say about our modern faith, if Jesus own disciples couldn’t heal a sick boy?

Join me now as we see beyond the common assumptions as to why modern churches lack miracle working power, and discover that healing isn’t a gift bestowed for our spiritual stature, but a function of finding ourselves in God.

407-6-Transfiguration and the Church

“What does the story of the transfiguration have to do with your Church?”

The transfiguration is a portal through which we can gain an important piece of the infrastructure for the Church Jesus said he would build. So often we are taught that the institution of the church has the authority over people’s lives, but as we’ll discover, this may not be the case.

Join me now as we climb a high mountain and glean some light from this miraculous event, which now becomes foundational for the true Church today.

406-One Hundred Nineteenth – Aleph

“What is your immediate, gut reaction if I say I’m going to talk about the commandments of God? Do you feel a sense of inner resistance?

In today’s podcast and post we interrupt our other series to return to our ongoing series entitled “Psalms Greatest Hits” with a look at Psalm 119. Not only is this the longest Psalm but nearly every verse of it talks about the commandments of God.

Join me now as we look at the first eight verses of a chapter that evokes within us either profound indifference or inexplicable love.

405-5-The Church of Self Denial

“When Jesus said: “I will build my church…” did he envision a comfortable place? Or a place to make people feel good about themselves? Or a place with a strict process for joining?

In today’s podcast and post we peel back another layer in our series where we examine Jesus blueprint for the Church, as we consider the biblical requirements for membership.

Join me now as we discover that joining Jesus’ true Church is less like a celebration or a ceremony, and more like a death.

404-4-The Bind and Loose Blueprint

“What did Jesus mean when he said he would give Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? Why do we have so many pastors, priests, and religious leaders who hold so strongly to institutional authority?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series examining the church Jesus said he would build and comparing it to the business of modern religion. 

Join me now as we discover that the authority of Jesus true church is not from institutional power or religion, but by Christ himself and it is given to all those in faith just as it was to Peter.

403-3-Non Prevailing Gates

“What did Jesus mean when he said “The Gates of Hell will not prevail against his Church?”

Today we continue our series where we are deconstructing Church history and comparing it to Jesus’ blueprint for the Church. The contrast between the design and what we have today should cause believers to really question where they are placing their faith, but as you’ll see, the religious mind places tradition over liberation.

Join me now as we consider the implications upon our culture that have resulted from the church becoming institutionalized and losing its way.

402-2-Church Buildings…

“Why is nearly every church associated with a building, a staff, and all the aspects of a modern business? Where did we get the idea that believers are required to “go to church?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series where we deconstruct church history and go back to where Jesus said he would build his Church. Once we see the original blueprint, we may wonder how we got to where we are.

Join me now as I reveal Jesus’ own definition of the Church, and how we regain our Sunday mornings from institutional overreach.

401-Life’s TWO Questions Which Spark Spiritual Discovery

“I’m always saying Jesus didn’t start an alternative religion…so do you believe that’s true?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a series where I will deconstruct Church history and take you back to where it all started. Then you can decide for yourself if my claim is actually true.

Join me now as we see beyond the propaganda of institutional religion and consider the first two questions which establish either religious captivity or freedom in God.