377-Donkey King

“What’s the point of Palm Sunday? Churches refer to this event as the triumphal entry, but what was so triumphant, since the powers of religion and State were clearly going to crucify him?”

In today’s podcast and post we look closer at the prophesy of Zechariah and how Jesus willfully fulfilled it as he went straight into Jerusalem to “poke the bear”.

Join me now to explore how this display of power should have been the end of religion as we know it. Come and see how humility and sacrificial love are the most subversive powers the world has ever known.

375-Between Thieves

“What would say are the most common ways that people struggle in life? Is it economically, emotionally, or socially?

In today’s podcast and post, we begin our countdown to Easter with an examination of two thieves which rob us of our ability to see reality clearly, and which causes so much suffering.

Join me now as the thieves on the cross reveal the world’s competing systems of avoidance and resentment, and help us to see a third option, hanging right in the midst of them. 

375-He Gets Us- but We don’t Get it

“We all saw the Hegetsus ads during the Super Bowl…now five weeks later hardly anyone is talking about it. In your opinion, was it worth $100 Million?

In today’s podcast and post I will share my perspective on the Hegetsus ads and reflect upon what I think were its successes and failures. In a polarized world like ours, I applaud the appeal to unify all comers and invite a spiritual exploration.

Join me now as I share why it’s true that Hegetsus, but after two thousand years, we still don’t get him.

374-Parenting Teens 7-The Difficult Teen

“Do difficult teens really exist? What is really behind teens who are rebellious, disrespectful, or willfully disobedient?”

In today’s podcast and post, we conclude our series on parenting teens with a look at difficult teens. I’ll offer some philosophical considerations which can lend themselves to very practical strategies for helping these challenging situations.

Join me now as we see beyond the difficult teen and discover the common threads which account for so much of the pain that exists in our households.

373-Parenting Teens 6-The Selfish Parent

“How do teens become so overly focused on themselves? Why are so many of teens unmotivated?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on Parenting Teens with a look at the Selfish Parent. If something in you is resisting this post because you fear it will simply be a blame game, then you definitely need to hear this.

Join me now as we deconstruct some ways that our own selfishness as parents is transmitted into the behaviors of our teens which frustrate us the most, thus reveals the path to fix many of the problems.

372-Parenting Teens 5-Sex and Dating

“Are teens just going to go out and have sex no matter what we tell them?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens, with a look at dating and sex.  In a world that is so saturated with sexuality, most parents’ thing their job is to stave off as much content as they can, but that only contributes to the problem.

Join me now as I share how wisdom can train our teens to have a high view of sex and I offer an alternative strategy for dating, which will establish our teens on a path of finding and honoring true love and commitment.

371-Parenting Teens 4-Care and Feeding

“Why do teenagers eat so much junk food? Is it just the way it is? Or is there something more beyond it?

In today’s podcast and post we will consider the parent’s role in training our teens about life and health. I’ll reveal how following the common path of the world creates people who are given over to their appetites, with the result being a lifestyle of sickness and medical interventions.

Join me now as we examine the underlying philosophies and spiritual assumptions which show up on our dinner plates, and how to lead our teens to health, freedom, and the path to life.

370-Parenting Teens 3- The Search for Self

“Are the teenage years necessarily a time of rebellion? Or, are these common behaviors indicative of a blind spot on the part of parents?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting adolescents with a look at our teen’s search for self.  We’ll learn why when young people try on new identities, or act out, it isn’t just “being a teen,” but symptomatic of a fundamental problem.

Join me now as we see beyond teenage surface level behaviors and expose what is really behind “those teen years” and how wisdom offers a healing alternative.

369-Parenting Teens 2- Worldview and Struggle

“Is it possible that truly understanding one’s worldview can be the single biggest indicator of whether a teen will succeed in life?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens with a look at something about which most parents don’t really consider…their worldview. I

Join me now as we show why the wrong worldview creates the wrong self and is behind every struggle that exists in our teenager’s life, and why it’s vital for parents to give young people a world that actually makes sense.

368-Parenting Teens 1-Intro

“Are you or someone you know in the midst of raising a teenager? As a parent, are the teen years right around the corner for you?

In today’s podcast and post, we begin a series that many of you have asked me to do, as we look at the wisdom required to raise teenagers. My first series on the Power of Parenting looked at the counter-intuitive philosophies of biblical parenting, and remains the most forwarded series to date.

Join me now as I introduce this series and invite you and your family into a transformative, sacrificial path along a loving, respectful, transition from childhood to adulthood.