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328-Famous Last Words 4- My Fathers House Has Many Rooms

What does it mean for God’s house to have many rooms?

For most of church history we’ve been told that many rooms mean that God lives in a mansion. This has spun off into everyone getting a mansion in Heaven one day. What does all this really mean?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series examining Jesus’ famous last words. Join me now as we double click into this passage and uncover the ontological center behind these words and see the set-up which Church history has largely ignored

294-Power of Parenting 4-Punishment vs Discipline

You may have heard the proverb “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” but is that really a biblical endorsement for corporal punishment?

In today’s podcast and post we look at the difference between punishment and discipline. I will use this topic to create an inward as well as an outward line of sight into the biggest problems of life.

Join me now as we see beyond spanking our kids and discover how wisdom creates the necessary nuance which can transform our punishment into discipline and change the world.

171-The Mystery of Inheritance


“Have you ever inherited anything of value?”

How does life change for you if you were the heir to billions? Wouldn’t that reality provide a safety net for you? What would living be like to have the certainty and freedom to go or do anything your heart desired? It might surprise you to know that that experience is possible for every single person.

In today’s podcast, we continue our exploration of Galatians and learn that each of us is an heir to a divine inheritance. Join me know as we see beyond how this is possible and learn what it means to live freely as an heir.