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398-5-The Dark Night

“Have you ever heard of “The Dark Night of the Soul?” How do we know if we are in it?

Today we continue our series of “A Course in Darkness” with a look at The Dark Night of the Soul. The term itself makes us feel like we might understand what this experience is like, but as you’ll see, that is usually not the case.

Join me now as I try and describe the Dark Night and its true purpose, with the hope that if we ever find ourselves in its grasp, that we can embrace it and the transformation it brings.

372-Parenting Teens 5-Sex and Dating

“Are teens just going to go out and have sex no matter what we tell them?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens, with a look at dating and sex.  In a world that is so saturated with sexuality, most parents’ thing their job is to stave off as much content as they can, but that only contributes to the problem.

Join me now as I share how wisdom can train our teens to have a high view of sex and I offer an alternative strategy for dating, which will establish our teens on a path of finding and honoring true love and commitment.

329-Famous Last Words 5 -I am the Way Truth and Life

How do you understand Jesus statement: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except by me.”?

In today’s podcast and post we examine one of the most quoted passages in the bible and reveal how Church history has got this wrong. Imagine our surprise to discover that Jesus’ claim of exclusivity is not unto the Christian religion.

Join me now as we continue our exploration of Jesus’ famous last words, as these open a portal to a dimension of seeing and understanding which brings all things together instead of dividing them into tribal religion.

290-Launch Your Life 5- The Depth Delusion

“Does your life have a depth dimension or a depth delusion?

In the conclusion of our series entitled, “Launch Your Life,” we explore what is beyond a life of depth. In our world, we are conditioned to skim over reality and live in the unsatisfying quest for the “next thing” not realizing it is masking a pseudonym of despair.

Join me now as I endeavor to slow us down, muffle the noise and confusion of life, so that we can gain awareness to that “still small voice” which leads us to a multi-dimensional, abundant, satisfying and meaningful life.