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411-The Dynamic Advent for All

“Is the goal of the advent season to reflect upon the birth of Jesus and prove its historical validity? If so, then there is no possible way for us to experience it.

In today’s podcast and post I challenge the assumptions behind the traditional advent season and prove that the advent of Christ is not a static event limited to just a few in human history, but a dynamic unfolding of events.

Join me now as we see beyond the nostalgia of advent trapped in religious history and discover that the advent of Christ is still coming to everybody every day.

270-Cringing and Bowing: Christological Dissonance

“When someone mentions Jesus, does it make you want to cringe or bow?”

In today’s Christmas Eve podcast and post we examine the polarizing effect that Jesus has on the world. During the Christmas season, people are celebrating the birth of the Savior of the World, yet our world seems to be getting worse in so many ways. Does this mean the savior isn’t real? Or is something else happening?

Join me now as we see beyond our Christological dissonance at the world’s most unconventional way of fixing everything that has ever gone wrong. Perhaps there are yet more reasons to bow.

269- Skimming Over Advent

“Does anybody care about Advent?”

While our churches are talking about Advent, the rest of the world has long abandoned the liturgical calendar. The Christmas season is now commercial and has overridden our season of anticipation, but it’s even worse than that.

In today’s podcast and post, I recycle a post from years ago to refresh our consideration that the church is no longer anticipating the Savior of the World, but a dread warrior who is coming back to destroy rather than love his enemies.

Join me now as we see beyond our anticipation of the “End Times” and explore why we stopped believing that God will arrive through each one of us.

214- Deep Christmas

“Whose tired of people asking about the real meaning of Christmas?”

The Grinch proved a long time ago that Christmas has a deeper meaning than driving up revenues in Q4 through gift giving. In this post and pod-cast I go a step further and prove that depth comes neither from gifts, nor from tradition or religion.

Join me now as we see beyond the surface experience of Christmas and dive into what makes it so transformative. Learn how Christmas is the power to liberate our lives rather than bury us in stress and debt. 

163-The Gift I Cannot Give


This is the podcast/audio version of my second most popular post from my blog at Thrive in Exile. I’m making it available as a podcast to allow those who prefer to listen to content the opportunity to access this vital perspective. It is my prayer that this short recording will open up a deep inner experience that will lead you into a transformative journey. If I could give it away, I would, but since I can’t, the best I can do is describe the gift I can’t give.

Peace and Love to you all. Merry Christmas!