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373-Parenting Teens 6-The Selfish Parent

“How do teens become so overly focused on themselves? Why are so many of teens unmotivated?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on Parenting Teens with a look at the Selfish Parent. If something in you is resisting this post because you fear it will simply be a blame game, then you definitely need to hear this.

Join me now as we deconstruct some ways that our own selfishness as parents is transmitted into the behaviors of our teens which frustrate us the most, thus reveals the path to fix many of the problems.

102- The Lie that Motivates Us


We all know someone who just can’t stay happy. Some go through life thinking they would be happy if they could just……. or if it wasn’t for ……. In today’s post and podcast we will go behind the circumstances that make up our lives and explore the motivations that brought about the choices that brought about our circumstances. I will expose the most clever lie I’ve ever heard. The lie is that love obligates us to do what we don’t want to do. The reason it is so clever is because we can hardly stand in the light of what it exposes. It creates a scorecard in the back of our minds reminding us of lost freedom. Learn why our marriages, parenting, caregiving, vocations, ministries and charities are making us into the worst kind of good person. I will offer the alternative, but I warn you now, our pride will not like it.