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231- How to Thrive in Exile

“Are you ready for an Exile?”

Most people are pretending the world will go back to normal in a few weeks. While I suppose that’s possible, the magnitude of the effects of this global pandemic have yet to be fully realized. This means that our two favorite institutions (science and government) are not likely to stave off the suffering of millions.

In todays podcast and post, I’ll share the process of exile and share why now is the time to put off our fear and follow a deeper, truer voice than that of institutional power. Join me now as we see beyond the pandemic into the exile which can rebuild a new world.

To those who can hear the tune…


“Have you ever struggled to find words to describe something that is ultimately indescribable?”

 In today’s podcast I’m going to take a poetic approach in an effort to get at the heart of this online ministry.  From my first post in February of 2013 my blog and now my 152ndpodcast has served to help people look critically at their frameworks and ask the hard questions of faith, religion, and belief systems in the modern age.

As consciousness increases, the old wineskins and frameworks can no longer contain what is growing inside and new ways of understanding the old Truth must displace the familiar forms.

Join me now as I share the metaphor of following a sound to help us tune into our own inner experience and follow the liberating path of the Exile.

70-May I Ruin your New Year?


What do you think will happen if you add a bunch of effort and activity on top of last years blindness? Right now people are at a fever pitch to make changes to their lives. This may not be such a great thing. In this podcast and post I explain why we can’t just go from where we are to our best possible life by finding will power, or redoing our schedules, or becoming super focused. If we really want lasting change, we have to do the required soul work. And that is going to require an exile or a lonely desert experience where all the falseness is stripped off leaving the essence of our true self. That is the only part of our lives worth building and once we find it, we discover we are among very good company.