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397-4-Shadow and Image

“Do you know the difference between and image and a shadow?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our series entitled; “A Course in Darkness” with an examination of the metaphors of an image and a shadow. Throughout human history, we have tried a million different things to free ourselves from our dark side, or our shadow yet nothing has ever worked.

Join me now as I explain why moralism, psychology, religion, and denial have no power over our shadow, and how we can be restored to an image.

310-6-Why Rest Eludes Us

“Do you ever feel like you just can’t get a moment’s peace? Have you tried meditation or medication and still can’t find rest?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Hebrews with a look what the author calls “Rest” and the prescription for entering it. In order to understand this, we must first deconstruct, just as the author does, our religious framework which obscures and even prevents us from finding peace.

Join me now as we see beyond our surface level attempts at peace and rest and discover why they ultimately fail and why the author of our study may be on to something from which our world could truly benefit.

284-Part 6-The Death of Sin

“Have you ever felt as though you had two distinct parts: the good part and the bad part?

Realizing that all humanity shares both an amazing capacity for goodness as well as evil is not only a vital key of self-awareness and the means which allows us to treat other with more grace, but it is the unknown Easter story.

In today’s podcast and post, we conclude our series on sin by placing a verse in Revelations under the microscope. Not only will we see the pathogen of sin for what it is, but we discover that religion has withheld the best part of the story.

175- The Drawer of Naughtiness


“How successful have you been at eradicating sin from your life?”

I know that’s a loaded question but my hope is that you will answer it honestly and recognize that while some sins may cease or diminish, there are still a host of sins in our lives that simply won’t go away. What are we to do with those?

In today’s post and podcast we continue our exploration of Galatians when Paul opens up what I call the junk drawer of naughtiness. His list of interpersonal transgressions is very long and it’s likely some of your besetting sins are on it. Join me now as we learn to see beyond the battle of flesh and the spirit and gain a new way to understand and live with these two powerful forces within us.

The End of the Fake ID


“Do you have a fake I.D. ? Do you have an alias?

 In today’s broadcast I offer a simple quiz to see if we are living with a fake I.D.  I also show just how pervasive the false self is within our lives and religion as well as social sciences are on a quest to our true self.

Join me now as we take a bunch of psychobabble and quickly turn it on its head as we see beyond our pseudonym and learn what ultimately happens to everything false.

85-Lake of Fire


Is the Lake of Fire a future destination for all evil people to be tormented forever? Is it possible that the Lake of Fire is a metaphor used to illuminate a reality bigger than it’s imagery? In this podcast and post I will weave together a number of vital components in scripture to show that the Lake of Fire is the place for all pseudonyms and is the crucible through which our true self emerges.

57-Is God mad at you? Part 4


I decided to put off the conclusion of this post one week so that I can provide for you the necessary framework to really gain the wider perspective I am providing in this series. We will never gain a solid theology without a solid anthropology. John Calvin said: “Without the knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God.” For this reason, I am providing you the framework to discern our False self from our True self. Our ego, our pride, our false self promotion are not who we “truly” are, they are who we are in our falseness. In this post I unpack Merton’s words; “The false self is the self that God can know nothing about.” and why that is pivotal in grasping the other half of Jesus’ teaching about justice and distinctions.






We all live into social tribes, groups, bands, and families. These social groups give us an identity and a sense of belonging and acceptance. But what happens when, for one reason or another, we find ourself on the outside of the group? What is next? 
In this podcast and post I share that while this experience feels so bad, it is actually a really good sign that we have outgrown our formative containers. We just might be graduating to another community that has also been called out from the herd. I will show that this is the spiritual path as we leave behind our small, external identity and find our true self in God.