212- Your Vice and Your Dream

“How well do you know your own vices? How well do you know your dream?

We all have a vice that no matter how hard we try to remove, continues to return in one form or another. We also in like manner, all have a dream. Some are working toward that dream, while others have given up on it, and some still trying to figure it out.

In today’s post we examine the relationship between our vice and our dream and discover why we typically see them as two different things. Join me now as we see beyond our vice and discover its causal relationship to our biggest dream for life.

179- When our Focus IS the Distraction

“What is your biggest distraction?”

Most of us intuitively view distractions as derailments. They are a shift of focus from a more import object to a less important object. I think we all get this at a basic level. 

In today’s podcast and post I will take us deeper beyond the objects of distraction, and show why changing our focus doesn’t always solve the problem.

Join me now as we learn to see beyond the objects of our distraction and gain a glimpse of the single subject that exists just below the surface of everything.

160-Love Poet


“If the Song of Solomon was the only sacred text, what would religion look like?

Love is not just a sentiment tossed around on Valentine cards. It’s not just the start of a relationship. Love is the greatest power in the universe and its gravitational pull is always towards the unity of all things.

In today’s episode I show how this amazing love poem is a microcosm, can help us see a much bigger work in the macrocosm. Join me now as we see beyond human love and sexuality into an amazing illustration of the love of God.

159- Sex Poet


“Does talking about sexuality make you uncomfortable?”

Human sexuality has tremendous power. So often we see this power in its corrupted form and it causes countless problems in our world.  In today’s podcast we will explore the two biggest contaminators of our sexuality (fundamentalism and secularism) and compare them to some very explicit sexual poetry.

Join me now as we see beyond our sexuality and capture a glimpse of a gift that is largely left unopened.

102- The Lie that Motivates Us


We all know someone who just can’t stay happy. Some go through life thinking they would be happy if they could just……. or if it wasn’t for ……. In today’s post and podcast we will go behind the circumstances that make up our lives and explore the motivations that brought about the choices that brought about our circumstances. I will expose the most clever lie I’ve ever heard. The lie is that love obligates us to do what we don’t want to do. The reason it is so clever is because we can hardly stand in the light of what it exposes. It creates a scorecard in the back of our minds reminding us of lost freedom. Learn why our marriages, parenting, caregiving, vocations, ministries and charities are making us into the worst kind of good person. I will offer the alternative, but I warn you now, our pride will not like it.


69- The God of Christmas.


What does is mean that God has come into the world? Is the nativity story the only time that has happened? If not, why is the birth of Jesus so emphasized in the church? In this conclusion of this Advent series I will explore the two common ways that the Jewish prophesy of Isaiah 9 is unfolding before us. It is my hope that by placing these two approaches next to each other, that you will intuit on a deep, soul level the difference between conversion and completion, and in doing so, discover that the God of Christmas has awakened all of our hearts.

61-Love: Circular


Even though we all know something about love, we are all still confused by it. In this post and podcast I try and expand our ideas about love. We must graduate from the notion that there are different kinds of love and embrace the scale of a singular love with many dimensions. As we do, we will also encounter a new paradigm for God. All this love in the world and all along we thought it was us.



60- Love: Vertical


We often think of our culture as a mile wide and an inch deep. How do we go deeper into love? What if our love has plateaued? What can we learn about how vertical love and horizontal love interact? In this podcast and post I share the only path I know of to go deeper into love, and that is the same pattern that God uses with us.

59- Love: Horizontal


What does it mean when we are told that “God is Love?” No person on our planet will doubt the existence of love, but some doubt the existence of God. We’ve all been told that the love of God is something other than the love we have for each other and our things. In this post, I challenge that assertion and begin to lay the groundwork for how the love of God shows up in and as our very lives. This dramatically changes the picture of God that we’ve been given and introduces us to an obtainable belief that can be experienced and seen by all people.



48-Duty is deficient.


I know that our world really loves and honors a sense of duty, but I think we can do better. In this post I share why I strive never to do anything out of a sense of duty. I have learned that duty is a deficient motivation for any action. I will share how we can access the single greatest motivator in the universe, the law of love. If we are able to access love, all of our obligations transform into pleasures. Duty creates a begrudging prison for us, while love frees us and compels us to do the same tasks on an entirely different level. If your life is a living hell of obligations to everyone else’s agenda, then this podcast is for you.