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299- It’s About Time-Part 1

“What is time? Do we live within a linear framework that is ticking along second by second?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a short series on the subject of time as we look at some of the way’s science has come to understand time. The emerging frameworks are not only interesting to discover, but bring with them potentially transformative ways for us to live.

Join me now as we see beyond the fabric of time and discover how consciousness creates a self-time continuum which is worthy of our consideration.

298-Nothing is Harder than This

“Why is it so hard to change the mind of a stubborn person? My answer may surprise you.

In today’s podcast and post we explore why some people insist on holding certain beliefs even if such beliefs cause themselves or others to suffer. I’ll reveal why the “religious mind” is not limited to those who subscribe to religion, and why scripture reveals it to be the most lost mind a person can have.

Join me now as we see beyond everything and I offer an extremely difficult path to personal and global freedom.

297-The Ninety-First

“Where is the Dwelling place of God? Is there really such a thing?”

In today’s podcast and post we rejoin our ongoing series of Psalms Greatest Hits with a look at the Ninety-First Psalm. This Psalm is attributed to Moses at the completion of the tabernacle. Many people don’t realize this is one of the most quoted Psalms of them all.

Join me now as this Psalm invites all comers to see beyond the curtain and contemplate what or where “The Dwelling Place of God” actually is.

296-Power of Parenting 6 -Parenting Pitfalls

“What would you say are the biggest pitfalls in parenting?”

In the conclusion of our series, The Power of Parenting, we will take a look a what I think are the four biggest pitfalls in parenting. In today’s podcast and post I will share how easy it is to wade into the quicksand of four common quagmires. Since none of us are perfect, none of us will ever have a perfect track record. Instead, our goal is to catch ourselves and make the necessary mid-course corrections.

Join me now as we take one last look at our parenting philosophies and how to lead our families out of some very common challenges 

295-Power of Parenting 5- Pattern and Purpose

“How involved should a parent be in directing a child’s purpose?

In today’s podcast and post we continue in our series, The Power of Parenting, with our fifth installment where we explore a common Proverb and learn the difference between a child’s pattern and their purpose.

Join me now as we learn to see beyond merely entertaining our kids and discover why so many people grow up without a sense of purpose.

294-Power of Parenting 4-Punishment vs Discipline

You may have heard the proverb “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” but is that really a biblical endorsement for corporal punishment?

In today’s podcast and post we look at the difference between punishment and discipline. I will use this topic to create an inward as well as an outward line of sight into the biggest problems of life.

Join me now as we see beyond spanking our kids and discover how wisdom creates the necessary nuance which can transform our punishment into discipline and change the world.

293-The Power of Parenting 3- Authority vs Influence

“Do you know the difference between Authority and Influence? If so, do you know when to use them as parents?

In part 3 of our series, The Power of Parenting, we explore the single greatest bit of parenting advice that I have ever received and I will show you how it is at the epicenter of every parenting fail.

Join me now as we learn to see beyond parental authority and why parents should gradually be using less and less of it.

292-Power of Parenting 2- Ownership vs Stewardship

“We know parents are responsible for their children, but does that mean parents own their kids?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue with our series on the Power of Parenting with a second philosophical consideration which dramatically alters how we parent. Are children a parent’s prized possession, or are parents entrusted to be stewards of what ultimately does not belong to them?

Join me now as we see beyond our underlying parenting philosophies and learn how to bring healing to our children, our family, and our world.

291-Power of Parenting 1-Random vs Designed

“Have you ever considered the moment of your conception?”

Today we begin a series on the Power of Parenting with a look at the moment of conception. I will ask some unusually difficult questions which will bring into the light our underlying parenting philosophies.

Join me now as we see beyond our physical conception and gain a glimpse at the ethos and pathos through which we enter the world.

290-Launch Your Life 5- The Depth Delusion

“Does your life have a depth dimension or a depth delusion?

In the conclusion of our series entitled, “Launch Your Life,” we explore what is beyond a life of depth. In our world, we are conditioned to skim over reality and live in the unsatisfying quest for the “next thing” not realizing it is masking a pseudonym of despair.

Join me now as I endeavor to slow us down, muffle the noise and confusion of life, so that we can gain awareness to that “still small voice” which leads us to a multi-dimensional, abundant, satisfying and meaningful life.